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Aviation And Space



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Freedom And Civil Liberties

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Hard Work

Human Nature And Social Interactions

Historical Figures, Napoleon

Marriage (Favorable, From The Man's Point Of View)

Marriage (Unfavorable, Genderless)

Marriage (Unfavorable, From The Man's Point Of View)


Old Age

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Philosophers, Aristotle

Philosophers, Henry David Thoreau

Police And Law Enforcement

Political Figures, Winston Churchill

Political Figures, Bill And Hilary Clinton

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Political Figures, Colin Powell

Note:  Colin Powell's presentation, A Leadership Primer, is available as a .ZIP'd PowerPoint presentation here.

Political Figures, Dan Quayle

Political Figures, Ronald Reagan

Politics, Political Doubletalk, Doubletalk


Scientists And Mathematicians, Marie Curie

Scientists And Mathematicians, Edsger Dijkstra

Scientists And Mathematicians, Albert Einstein

Scientists And Mathematicians, G.H. Hardy

Note:  As of May 11, 2003, Hardy's book, A Mathematician's Apology, is available new from Amazon for $11.90.  Also as of May 11, 2003, there are 5 copies available at for as low as $6.12.  

Scientists And Mathematicians, James S. Harris

Scientists And Mathematicians, Bertrand Russell

Scientists And Mathematicians, Carl Sagan

Software, Software Engineering, Etc.

Sports And Sports Figures

Unpleasant Work Situations, Bad Bosses, Etc.


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