MD5 And CRC-32 Calculation Utilities For Windows (Similar To Unix "md5sum -b")

This page provides utilities (both graphical and console-mode) to calculate the MD5 message digest of a file on a Windows system.  (Unix has a command to do this, md5sum.)  Usually the need for such a utility arises in verifying a download (an ISO CD image, for example).

Both utilities were created using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, and have no external dependencies (no .DLL dependencies, for example).  They should run on any Windows 95 or later system.

Both utilities calculate the MD5 message digest only in "binary" mode (i.e. "md5sum -b" in Unix).  This is the mode which is used in calculating the MD5 message digest accompanying downloads.

The graphical version of the utility presents a graphical interface

and one may then either select files using drag'n'drop or the File manu.  The utility will then calculate the MD5 message digest and CRC-32 of the file(s) selected.  The results may be copied and pasted for printing, archiving, or other purposes. 

The console mode version of the utility, which is named md5.exe, operates similarly, except it only calculates the MD5 (no CRC-32), and it will only process one file at a time.  There is also a separate CRC-32 utility available.

These standalone utilities can be downloaded from the links in the table below.

Download Link Description File Size And MD5
gfsw.exe Windows graphical MD5 and CRC-32 utility. Size:
md5.exe Windows console-mode MD5 utility. Size:
crc32.exe Windows console-mode CRC-32 utility. Size:

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