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The table below summarizes the product offerings of this SourceForge project.  The navigation bar at the left can also be used to locate content of interest quickly.

Product / Brief Description Detailed Description Status / Links

A book (work in progress) about microcontroller software.
  Under construction.

A PC-based (Windows-only with a subset compileable for *nix) tool set for microcontroller work.
  Under construction.

A web-based (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) tool set for software development in general and microcontroller work in particular.
  Under construction.

A production-quality library of [primarily mathematical, primarily assembly-language] functions useful in microcontroller work.
  Under construction.

Software for use with CRYPTOCard authentication products.
  Under construction.

The web content at this site (i.e. the web content you are viewing now).
  Under construction.

The documentation for the products in the table above is maintained using LaTeX (definition, open-source download site) and is cross-referenced to avoid duplicating information.  Although other dependencies are possible, what this means in practice is that esrgubka may be necessary to fully understand the documentation for the other products.

Also available is a collection of loose (unpackaged) Windows utilities.  (These utilities are offered unpackaged because often web visitors are desperate to complete a specific task and don't want to install a full tool set.)

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